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Day on the Job Day on the Job

An application for the University's MBNA Career Services Center (CSC) designed to match current students with one or more University of Delaware alumni at their workplace in order to observe and discuss their mutual career interests. The aim is to assist students with obtaining valuable career information from people "in the know," while helping to develop confidence in their ability to meet people professionally.

Alumni complete a career information form, providing biographical and contact information for the Career Services Center and "On the Job" information for students to view. Submitted forms are added to the database and a notification message is sent to Day on the Job administrative personnel.

Current students are then able to search the alumni listings by major area, field or geographic location, viewing general information provided by each alumni mentor. Students select individuals of interest and complete a "Request for Participation" form which is submitted to CSC Day on the Job Program administrators for evaluation.

The administrators can also add and edit alumni mentors through their own interface to the database.

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